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Rooted to the earth, rising to the sky, moving like water


TaijiNature is a project born out of a collaboration between Faith LeLievre and Richard Jordi, teachers and students of the Chinese internal arts. Faith and Richard seek to infuse their practice and teaching with the spirit of nature that inspired the origins of Taiji and Qigong.

In a TaijiNature programme, we explore how the principles and practices of the internal arts are derived from patterns and movements in nature.  We discover nature’s rhythms, spirals, expansions, contractions, tensions, and harmonies. We learn to accompany these rhythms and patterns in the meditative movements of the internal martial arts.

Through this practice we enter a space of quiet observation in which we explore our co-emergence with nature and we nourish and enhance our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

To best facilitate an experiential connection between our inner nature, the nature of our practice, and the natural environment, TaijiNature workshops and retreats are conducted in wilderness surroundings.

“Many movements mimic the shapes and movements of animals,

plants and other natural phenomena ...

However, while practicing these movements,

you don’t completely mimic the physical shapes and movement;

rather, you dissolve into the phenomena,

striving to attain the unity of its shape and spirit.”

Master Helen Liang writing about Water Style in

Kung Fu, Tai Chi, August 2009

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