LIU HE BA FA ~ Water Style


What is Liu He Ba Fa (Water Boxing)?

Liu He Ba Fa (Water Boxing) is one of the major internal styles of martial arts. It was originally passed down from generation to generation to only a handful of gifted and chosen students.

Liu He Ba Fa literally means Six Unities and Eight Principles. It incorporates the qualities and strengths of the three internal styles of Taiji, Xingyi, and Bagua, yet is its own unique form of internal martial arts. Liu He Ba Fa utilizes the power of Xing Yi as its center, the stepping patterns of Bagua for its turning and spinning, and the neutralizing power of Taiji (Tai Chi) for its variations. Its movements resemble that of floating clouds and flowing water that is sometimes calm and sometimes surging. The movements are constantly fluctuating with clearly defined forward, backward, upward, downward, and lateral motions.

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Besides its martial applications, Liu He Ba Fa was created to primarily benefit health, strengthen the body, alleviate sickness, and increase longevity. It is an internal form that embodies Daoist philosophies and presents yin/yang theory - the central theme of Daoism. By maintaining a balance of yin and yang, health of the body, mind and spirit is realized.

The entire form of Liu He Ba Fa is governed by the mind. Emphasizing the harmonious interaction between yin and yang, it requires the cultivation of both form and spirit, a balance of soft and hard, fast and slow, and a continuous rise and fall. It develops softness and gentleness combined with strength and vigor. From a martial arts perspective, its movements hold useful application. For health and longevity, it provides a form of qigong - a Daoist moving qigong.

Why Learn Water Style?

Water Style is excellent for people wishing to

improve focus, stamina, coordination, and balance.